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what is uForage?

A food revolution in your pocket, uForage is like having the farmers market and more at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a passionate gardener, talented baker, meat supplier, jam and preserves extraordinaire or honey enthusiast we have the shopfront for you - OR, if you’re looking for the freshest and most local sources of food uForage is the place to find it - and it’s free.

We are passionate about reducing household waste and solving hunger on a global scale and creating a free platform to share, sell or giveaway food is just the beginning.

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A marketplace for food that's free to download, and you can even make money selling your backyard veggies.

Don't have a shop to sell your amazing cakes? No problem, list them on uForage.

Got an oversupply of lemons from your tree? List them too.

Found a mulberry tree on your walk? If it’s on public land pin it for others to find too.

Looking for fresh local food - check out the map on uForage.

The best bit.. it’s 100% free!

how is it different?

Unlike other foraging apps that only link people with traditional ​foraging practices and wild growing food, uForage connects ​people with both wild growing food and more common, practical ​foods that are growing in backyard gardens and being made in ​home kitchens around the world.

uForage can show you where there is fresh honey, organic or free ​range eggs that were only layed that morning, sheep or cows ​milk with the cream on top, baked bread that’s still warm, ​traditional homemade salami and much more.

With filters to make for a smooth and simple user experience, ​geolocation from 2kms and adjustable radius so a user can ​choose how close or far from their location they want to find food, ​uForage makes for a simple and easy user experience.

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Formed in 2022 in the Northern Rivers of NSW out of love for ​food, distaste for food wastage and necessity after being ​completely cut off due to major flooding. uForage is a labour of ​grit, love and determination to bring forward an idea that seeks ​to facilitate major change and disruption in the disconnect ​between the growers and consumers of food.

We are self funded and always looking to connect with ​potential investors. If you'd like to know more, please get in ​touch.

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the team

Valentino Costa & Tianda Williams

Valentino and Tianda are based in the Northern Rivers of NSW with their family of six.

Valentino, a creative at heart has leant his hand to many different career avenues from script writing, painting, acting, photography, cafe owner, pizza oven builder right through to stock and property investment. His greatest passions are his family and creative outlets, particularly the garden.

Tianda, a full time mother and budding entrepreneur has also had an extensive list of career and creative pursuits including videography, video and radio production, childbirth education, marketing, entertainment management, disc jockey, radio announcer, singer and more.

Chaim Sajnovsky

Chaim Sajnovsky is the CEO and Founder of B7Dev, a full-service development agency. Operating since 2011, Chaim and his team have worked with customers in more than 20 countries

Known for their extensive experience and getting things done with the right developers Chaim and his team have walked with us hand in hand to ensure uforage is on track for success!


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